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The file in Process for Notification of Upgradation of Stenotypist, Stenographers and Private Secretaries in Finance Division Regulation Wing. Status (SPECIAL SECRETARY FINANCE DIVISION).

ESTABLISHMENT DIVISION O.M NO.1/9/80-R-II(A) dated 2.06.1983
Sl.No.148 Esta Code 2000
Minimum length of service for eligibility for promotion for various grades. In pursuance of rule 8-A of the Civil Servants (Appointment, Promotion and Transfer) Rules 1973 and in supersession of the instructions laid down in the Establishment Division's O.M No.1/9/80 R.II (A) dated the 12th january, 1981, (Annexure), the President is pleased to decide that the minimum length of service for promotion to various grades shall be as follows:-
For Grade 18 5 years in Grade 17
For Grade 19 12 years in Grade 17 and above
For grade 20 17 years in Grade 17 and above
For Grade 21 22 years in Grade 17 and above.
provided that:-
(i) Where initial appointment of a person not being a person in government service takes place in a post BPS-18, 19 and 20 the length of service specified in this Office memorandum shall be reduced by the following period:
First apptt Reduced by
Grade 18 5 years
Grade 19 12 years
Grade 20 17 years

(ii) Where initial appointment of a person already in government service takes place, on recommendations of the Federal Public Service Commission, in a post in BPS-18,19 or 20, the length of service specified in this Office memorandum shall be reduced by the periods specified in proviso (i);

(iii) Where first appointment of a person other than a person covered by proviso (ii) was made to government service in BPS-16 or below, one-half of the service in BPS-16 and one fourth in BPS-15 and below may be counted as service in BPS-17 for computing length of service for the purpose of promotion only.

(Authority:- Estt:Division O.M No.1/9/80-R.2 dated 2.6.1983).


  1. The kindness of Honourable Chief justice Supreme Court of Pakistan and Prime Minister of Islamic Democratic of Pakistan,is the notification of upgration of stenotypist,stenographers and Private Secretaries will be issued by the Finance Division Islamabad from the backdate of the decision of the fst on:5.12.2010,or on :5.11.2011,and arrear will be claimable from that date or w.e.f.

  2. Raihan bhai, AOA, as per prevailing practice,all rules and regulations has been set a side,hence every thing is possible.Accordingly, Finance Division should implement the FST decision in letter and spirit as Law Division and SC of Pakistan directed i.e.16,17 and 18 from 6.12.2010. Let us see what F.D.dealt with use. Now we,just a Cow, that no food but have to get milk ,it depends on F.D how much love he gives us. Finance Secretary will also kept in mind the Estt.Div. action with Kundi Sahib.God is perfect helpful, believe on merciful almighty allah and only allah, who will never remember his blessing.
    Sabir Chauhan

  3. My dear Sabir Chauhan Bhai,I am very thankful to your valuable comments ,your information is correct because your experience is so much better than me wait for the notification of F.D,how much love with us.Thanks.

  4. Raihan bhai.It seems that peoples are relaxed not worry and waiting for some thing is better than nothing formula.My thinking is according to my working speed,in opinion the notification must out today early. It means their speed is very slow hence, we can also say the there may be some confusion which needs settlement. Our believe is hope on allah who does better for his men.We should be available on screen till the complete implementation of FST decision as per promise of Khalid bhai.
    Sabir Chauhan

  5. Now every one is waiting for issuance of notification without further delay.

  6. I think words cann't speak of the efforts made by Mr. Khalid Riaz and Co for the cause of steno community. This is indeed a great act. I take this opportunity to point out that in field offices there is hardly any post of Private Secretary and the post of stenographer is the last step of our promotion. Unaturally, Establishment Division has not taken into consideration this fact nor it has given any incentive or credit to the post of stenograper after qualifying services of '5' or 12 years because those who are already serving in BS-16 or to be upgraded in 16 will remain freezed in the same scale irrespective of their length of services which is confusing and against the rules of fair play and natural justice.

    Mr. Muhammad Iqbal

  7. I want to know whether, for upgradation, stenos would have to serve more years and they will be promoted, or they will be promoted as the notification is implemented with regard to their previous service which they have done...???

  8. i want to know, will the new appointment of Stenographer (BS:16) be made by FPSC or concerned department as before?


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Khalid Riaz SVP PS Welfare Association