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Reference Finance Division's U.O No.F.19(55) Legal-II/2010-1055, dated 22.12.2011 on the above subject.

2. In order to implement the judgement of FST and advice tendered by Law, Justice and Parlimentary Affairs Division vide U.O No.630/2011-Law-I, dated 11.7.2011 the matter for up-grading the post of Private Secretary from BPS-17 to BPS-18 has been examined in Establishment Division. The clarifications on the points raised by Finance Division are as under:-

Clarification regarding(c)
(i) Presently Private Secretaries (BPS-17) are granted BPS-18 after putting in seven years satisfactory service in terms of Establishment Division's O.M No.4/1/98-R-6 dated 4.2.2009. It has been decided that in future they should be granted BPS-18 after putting in five years satisfactory service, as prescribed for general policy for promotion contained in vide Establishmnt Division's O.M No.1/9/80-R-2 dated 02.06.1983.

Clarifications regarding (d)
(ii) Stenographers are eligible to appear in the promotional examination for the post of Section Officer (BPS-17).

(iii) Stenographers are also eligible for promotion to the post of Private Secretary (BPS-17).

(iv) Candidates after qualifying the CSS examination are appointed to posts in BPS-17 in various Occupational Groups/Services.

(v) Keeping in view of the position at (ii) to (iv) it has been decided that all existing Private Secretaries working in BPS-17 may be granted BPS-18 on a one time basis. In future the post of Private Secretary shall remain in BPS-17, instead of up-grading the post to BPS-18 which could result in providing an avenue of promotion to Stenographers directly to BPS-18 post.

(Zulfiqar Ali Shah)
Deputy Secretary

Finance Division (Mr.Muhammad Hanif, JS (Reg) Islamabad.
Establishment Division's U.O No.1/3/2008-R-6 dated 23.12.2011


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  2. Hay colleagues, AOA, It seems that Estt. and Finance division does not know that in attached departments no post of PS even PA exists. The Stenos in attached department 100% retired from the same post and scale. They should ensured that every Grade 20 to 22 are provided PA and PS posts then such clarification are beneficial. It also means that these benefits are for Ministries only. First the Govt.must create posts of PS/PA to grade-20 and above atonce and than issue the such orders. In attached department no promotion channel is available for stenographers e.g. Geological Survey of Pakistan it's stenographers retired as stenographer after 30-36 years service as stenographer,whereas it has 4 posts of grade-20 and DG grade-21. Hence there needs no quality stuff and essential useful information.So, everyone is killing the time here in Pakistan. May Allah live it long..Ameen.
    Sabir Chauhan

  3. Hay aish, your touch to this blogspot meant for stenographers is creating some question because HONDA a private company but this forum on you post a comment is official. This forum works on on profit no loss but Honda is works only for profit. Even then we welcome to this forum.
    Sabir Chauhan
    Cell # 03004663778

  4. Dear Aish and all Steno Community! Thats a good news...! Congrats Mr Khalid and his gentle league. May Allah Bless upon all of you.

  5. At last the reply has been submitted by the Establishment division Islamabad to the Finance division where in demanded clerifications of the post of existing P.S.and now there is no reason for the finance division to late the issue of notification/order and hope the aforesaid division to issue notification/order within three days wherein will be mentioned clearly from which backdate will be applicable and how we can get arrear from the backdate on which the fst decsion or on the decision of the Honourable supreme court of Pakistan,we will waiting for this and ,if order is not according to the decision of the Honourable courts then ,it seems that the deprived persons at once again knocked the door of the Honourable courts for getting their rights .Thanks.

  6. Raihan bhai AOA, if you read my comments considerably, you will see that my comments are 100% true. Still, Estt.Div. is pressing to Finance Division for teasing the stenos.Whereas, upgradation of Technical Assistant in Survey of Pakistan has win the with reference to stenos upgradation, the Estt.Div.says that we agrees and stenos are hanging between Courts and Govt.Every thing is possible for us. Hence wait to see our weight in the eyes of bureaucracy of pakistan.
    Sabir Chauhan

  7. Mr.Sabir Chauhan Bhai,thanks for your reply on my comments ,but how it can possible the Establishment and Finance divsion cheating with the decision of the Honourable Supreme Court of Pakistan I think that is impossible and already the Prime Minister of Pakistan have given approval and published in all dailies newspapers in Pakistan ,you are correct but the case is finalized and to wait for the notfication will be issued from the finance division within three or four days counting from the day of Monday 26th of December-2011,after that will be communicated our views .Thanks.


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