Friday, April 20, 2012


As per Finance Divisions OM which has been issued with the approval of the Prime minister of Pakistan, only the posts of Steno typist and Stenographers have been upgraded and there is no mention against the columns of "Upgraded" and "Conditions" that posts of Private Secretary in BS-17 or BS-18 are being upgraded to BS-18 and BS-19. alteration in criteria for grant of BS-18 has been made inserting new instructions for grant of BS-19 after putting in 12 years service in BS-17 and above taking the benefit of Establishment Divisions O.M No.1/9/80-R-II dated 2.6.1983 also changing the nomenclature of the post as Senior Private Secretary on regular basis. However, the existing Private Secretaries in BS-17 have been granted BS-18 on one time basis irrespective of their length of service in BS-17 and as such they are not at par with those who complete satisfactory length of service and are considered through DPC. But is is crystal clear that the word "upgradation" has not been used for Private Secretaries in any column of the above referred Office memorandum.

When the nomenclature of the post stands changed from Private Secretary to Senior Private Secretary, it would take the analogy of Joint Secretary BS-20 who are upgraded as Senior Joint Secretary BS-21 but on the recommendation of the CSB it is deemed as promotion. Similarly certain other posts by adding the word "Senior" are promotion posts in various Minsitries/Divisions/Deepartments such as Senior Director, Senior Research Officer, Senior Accounts Officer and Senior Scientific Officer etc making them entitled for one premature increment. As such it is clearly a promotion of Private Secretary in BS-18 to Senior Private Secretary in BS-19. Establishment Division O.M dated 2.6.1983 is purely prescribed for fulfillment of the condition of Eligibility for Promotion to posts in various grades and when the benefit of this O.M is taken, it would be the whole benefit whatsoever and the same is clearly mean for promotion to various grades.

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