Wednesday, April 4, 2012



Stenographers Working with BPS-20 Officers and Head of Departments have no way of promotion. Mostly Stenographers are working in BPS-16 have no chance of promotion because BPS-17 Private Secretaries are entitled to BPS-21 and above officers. Stenotypist and Stenographers already working in BPS-14/16 may be granted time scale BPS-15/17 on the condition of three years service in BPS-14/16. The newly upgraded Stenographers and stenotypist may also be granted time scale BPS-17/15 on the completion of three years service in BPS-14/16.

Private Secretaries, Stenographers and Stenotypists are entitled for Computer Allowance as recommended by the Law and Justice Division in the Upgradation Case of Stenotypists,Stenographers and Private Secretaries.

It is proposed that Computer Allowance may kindly be allowed to the Steno-typist , Stenographers and Private Secretaries on the following rates:

S.No. Designation Proposed Computer Allowance.
1. Stenotypist Rs.2000/- P.M
2. Stenographer Rs.2500/P.M
3. Private Secretary Rs.3000/-P.M


  1. Prime Minister of Pakistan and the Finance Division is requested to kindly approve appeal of the stenos community to give them at least some hope. As we have no line of promotion, simply one policy i.e. retire or expire in the same grade. All the steno community will be thankful and pray for you.

    Arshad Ali
    TDAP, Peshawar

  2. Thanks Dear Khalid, as per your desirious, I take close liaison witah Mr.Shafiq, Stenographer, Finance Division, his attitude and helpfulness is appreciated. He informed me about the case briefly and satisfied me about the position. we needed such co-operative colleagues. He also promised to tell the position of the case as and when it is finalized. I hope and pray for an early action from all ends.

    Sabir Chauhan
    GSP, Lahore
    Cell # 03004663778

  3. My dear Mr.Sabir Chauhan Bahi,I went to the AG.Office Peshawar on monday and meet with Mr.Khalid Riaz Hero of the whole play of upgrdation game,I have thanked for his lengthy struggle for the stenographers community and said to him that as and when finalized the case and all the provincial govt" will be issued the notification than the brave man will be invited in any suitable place for thanks and dinner with him,and after that meet with some officials concerned and discussed with them about the upgradation they told me that in upgradation from BPS-15 TO BPS-16,only the benfit of Rs.200/- to UPGRADER and SAME DESIGNATION stenographer only entery in our service book BPS-16,that is benefit which is enough for me but in the other hand when I have calculated for THE PURPOSES OF pension BPS-15,ENTITLED MEIDCAL ALLOWANCE 25% AND BPS 16 ENTITLED 20 % CLEAR CUT LOSS OF 5%,and after that I went to the Benevolent fund department they told me that the all BPS-16 is counting non guzetted and for the BPS-15,entitled help from the aforesaid department Rs.30000/-thousand after completion of all codal formalities after retirement and Gazatted will be entitled Rs.55000/-thousand,main yay kehna chahta hoon kay upgradation main bee kuch na mila aur non gazatted bhi rahay,upgradation ki bajay digration ka lafaz teek hooga ,in future agar in service kay liay kuch hooa too woo unko mumbark aur joo ham koo mila ham aus par khush,liqan joo lenghty struggle Khalid Riaz ki hay woo kabalay qadar hay koi awaz utanay wala too ais kamzoor tabka kay liay hay.


Khalid Riaz SVP PS Welfare Association

Khalid Riaz SVP PS Welfare Association