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No.1/3/2008-R-6(Pt-II) Islamabad, the 19th March, 2012



The undersigned is directed to refer to the correspondence resting with Finance Division on the above subject and to say that the clarifications/comments of this Division on the points/issues raised by various Ministries/divisions including Finance Division vide their O.M No.1(I)R-I/2012, dated 14th February, 2012 are as under:-

(i) The existing Stenographers/stenotypists already working in BPS-16 and BPS-14 from 1983 (rendering 30 years service in BPS-16 and BPS-14) have been deprived to consider/give any promotion benefit, whereas they have only one to two year's service to attain the age of Superannuation, how they would get promotion benefit of Private Secretary (BPS-17/BPS-18)? The existing Stenographers/Stenotypists working in BPS-16/14 may be upgraded in BPS-17/15 on one time basis.


(i)Being financial matter relates to Finance Dvision under Rule 12 of the Rules of Business, 1973.

(ii) Clarification.
In Provincial Government as well as in most of the Universities Stenotypist post in of BPS-12, Stenographer post is of BPS-15, while most of the Private Secretaries posts are of BPS-16. How a Private Secretary's post which carries BPS-16 will be upgraded or otherwise?


(ii)Their posts are not governed by the uniform Recruitment Rules for these posts issued by Establishment Division.

(iii) Clarification
Stenographers working in BPS-16 may be granted time scale BPS-17 on the condition of three years service in BPS-16. The newly/up-graded Stenographers (BPS-16) may also be granted time scale BPS-17 on completion of three years service in BPS-16.

(iii) Being financial matter concerns Finance Dvision.

(iv) Clarficiation
Whether Project staff is also entitled to the benefits of up-gradation.

(iv) Project staff which has been appointed the prescribed manner is also entitled to the benefits of up-gradation, if it is not in conflict with their terms of appointment.

(v) Clarification
Whether the meeting of Departmental Selection Board(DSB) would be required to be convened to consider the cases of grant of BPS-19 to Private Secretary (BPS-18) as Senior Private Secretaries (BPS-19) or not.

(v) No. DPC may consider the cases for Grant of BPS-18 and 19 to Private Secretaries excluding the incumbents who have been benefited as per Finance Division O.M dated 23.12.2011.

(vi) Clarification
The posts of Senior Private Secretary (BPS-19 are rquired to be created in Ministry/Division separately in addition to the post of Private Secretaries (BPS-18) and will it be a selection post or non-selection post?

(vi) There is no need of creating BPS-19 post for Senior Private Secretary.

(vii) Clarification
Whether the present incumbents are to be upgraded irrespective of the conditions of qualification mentioned for the upgraded posts?

(vii) Yes

(viii) Clarification
The incumbents of the upgraded posts will also stand upgraded and their pay will be fixed at the stage next above their basic pay in thier lower pay scales"/Whether this means that the said posts alongwith their incumbents will be upgraded automatically?

(viii) Concerns Finance Division.

(ix)Under whose jurisdiction the selection of candidates against the post of Stenographer (BPS-16), for initial appointment will fall; whether FPSC or DSC as generally the posts in BPS-16 and above fall under the purview of FPSC.

(ix) In accordance with Section 7(a) of FPSC Ordinance 1977 read with Rule 3 of FPSC (Functions) Rules, 1978 initial appointment to posts in BPS-16 and above is in the purview of FPSC.

(x) Clarification.
Whether all the existing incumbents (Stenographers & Stenotypists) will be upgraded ireesepective of their qualification and the previous service record; or it will be done through DPC meeting. If the second option is adopted there will be such employees who are not found fit for promtoion (up-gradation) due to their poor service record/adverse remarks in their CRs.

(x) As at (vii) Above.

Whether the notification of upgraded post of Stenograpdhers (BPS-16) will be made, being Gazetted/Class-II or otherwise.

(xi) Initial Appointments to posts in BPS-16 and above require to be notified. The practice of using terms or gazetted and classes has been discontineued vide Civil Servants (Change in Nomenclature of Services and abolition of Classes) Rules, 1973. However, the practice of notifying all appointments to BPS-16 and above in the Gazette will continue to be followed, as per Establishment Secretary's D.O letter No.1/1/73-ARC, dated 10.11.1973.

(xii) Clarification
Whether the post of Stenographer will be treated as Gazetted post or otherwise.

(xii) As explained at (xi) above.

Who should consider the grant of BPS-19 to Private Secretaries (BPS-18) who are working under section 10 of the Civil Servants Act, 1973/deputation in various Ministries/Divisions.

(xiii) Respective appointing Authorities in the parent Ministries/Divisions/Departments.

(xiv) Private Secretaries granted (BPS-18) on 23.12.2011 at the same day they also fulfills the conditions of have 12 years service in BPS-17 and above takeing the benefits of Establishment Division's O.M dated 02.06.1983 can also be considered for grant of BPS-19 or otherwise.

(xiv) Yes. Grant of BPS-19 is not promotion. It is granted subject to the condition of fulfillment of required length of service, hence Private Secretaries who had rendered 12 years service taking the benefits of Establishment Divisions O.M dated 02.06.1983 can be considered for further grant of BPS-19.

2. Finance Division is requested to incorporate their related comments/clarifications for issuance to all Ministries/Divisions/Departments.

Deputy Secretary

Ministry of Finance,
(Mr.Muhammad Hanif)
Joint Secretary (Regulations)


  1. How much time will be required to Finance Division for finalization the case of upgradation. Secretary Finance is reuquested to kindly finalize the case ata the earliest, so that the stenos community can work peacefully.

    Sabir Chauhan

  2. I agreed with the comments of Mr.Sabir Chauhan Bahi,and requested
    to the all Chief Secretaries of the Provinces,
    to be finalized the case of upgradation of the post of St.Typists/S.S.Stenographers/PA.s/PS,according to the decision of the Honourable S.C.of Pakistan and in the light of the already has been issued notification from the Finance Division Islamabad from the dated:23.11.2011,as early as possible for the smooth running of the office routine work peacefully and oblige.

  3. Salam Riaz Bhai
    Kia ap k pass iss notification ki Original Copy hai... Agar hai tho please paste kijiye...



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