Saturday, January 14, 2012

Stenographers of KAMRA presenting JF-17 Thunder Sovenier to Khalid Riaz on Upgradation success


  1. Thanks God Khalid Bhai, you appeared after so many days and congratulations for JF-17 Thunder Sovenier presented by KAMRA. You are deserving for the same.

    Khalid Sahib I have already requested you through this Forum, the Provincial Governments are showing reluctants for implementation of Stenographers upgradation. I once again request you to please help us and meet with some the officers of Establishment/Finance Division for persuation to Provincial Government for early upgradation of Stenographers.

    Further, there are more issues to be discussed with Establishment/Finance Division like;
    1) premature increment on upgradation as per judgment of FST;
    2) back date benefit from the date of judgment of FST &
    3) upgradation to Private Secretaries of BS-16 to BS-17.

    Finally, I request you to please always give your comments on this forum.

    Muhammad Shafique Mughal
    Senior Stenographer
    WASA (LDA) Lahore
    Cell 0300-4649502

  2. Aslam o Alikum. Khalid Brother.
    Please schedule a meeting with Establishment authority in connection with for issuance of directives to all Federal/Provincial Govt. department for early implementation on upgradation decision. Most of the department are very reluctant on implementation.

  3. Hay Friends, AOA.Khalid Bhai, it seems that my comments are being deleted from forum delebrately. Truth is always bitter.
    Sabir Chauhan

  4. It is astonished,why the colleagues are not taking interest in forum may be they became fadup due to non-implementation of FST decision in letter and spirit. Perhaps Mr.Khalid and PMAD team has achieved their goal from other side i.e. permission to appear in SAS and other courses in PAD. If so, please clear your position whether you are not more interested to implement the FST decision or preparing yourself for further any action i.e.court,meeting, getting help from Media etc.Delay in any action will not be useful/beneficial for career of stenos. Till today, Gazette Notification is not issued from any department/ministries in pakistan,pay fixation is not being made with pre-mature increment, B-14 and B-16 is not being entertained as prior to FST decision they were given selection Grade B-12 to 14 and B-15 to B-16, it should be automatically B-14 t B-15 and B-16 to B-17 by modification of orders.Every one is waiting and looking to others, every one is helpless,hopeless and discouraged due to this critical and crucial situation.
    Sabir Chauhan
    Cell # 0300-4663778

  5. Yes Chauhan, situation at this moment is very critical. There are so many problem like implementation. We are interested to knock the door of court or otherwise and just waiting from the side of Khalid brother.

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