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  1. Congratuation first of all to the hero of this fourm and after that to the all of my colleques for the grant of one premature incmrement in the the light of decision of Honourable FST,on the upgradation to the all upgraded stenographers BPS-14 and BPS-16 ,I hope that next one step promotion from BPS-14/15 and BPS-16/17 case will be considered and notification will be issued in this regard very soon from the Finance Division Islamabad for the satisfaction of the all deprived we all are highly will be appreciating for this act of kindness.

  2. A. Rehan Bhai,
    Ap yeh q chahty hn k next one step promotion from BPS-14 to15 ka case, will be considered? Es sy pehly b apko yehi kaha tha K BPS-14 to BPS-16 and BPS-16 to BPS-17 time scale diya Jae ga but ap bar bar one step promotion pr zor dy rhi ho? Ap ny study nhi ki k Khalid bhai ny apni demand mn yehi likha hy k B-14 ko B-16 aur B-16 ko B-17 time scale diya jae. Unhon ny one step promotion k lye demand hi nhi ki aur ap apni tarf sy yehi demand repeat kr rhy hn? Please refresh ur self and follow our genuine demand of time scale not one step promotion? Ok?
    Muhammad Aslam Saifi

  3. Dear Aslam Sb

    I totally agree with you sir. We need time scales not one step promotion...

    Zulfiqar Awan
    TDAP, Karachi

  4. dear Aslam Bhai
    with respect, when u give ur valuable comments in reply to Mr. "a.raihan" please write his name with his spelling and not of me. It is just to avoid any confusion. (I am referring to ur comments dt. October 9, 2012.).
    I shall be thankful

    Rehan Islam
    PA, Senate Sectt.

  5. Yes, friends we need time scale for stenos already in B-16 and B-14, i.e. benefit of upgradation from 23.12.2011 and later other benefit with all other beneficiary vide letter 23.12.2011. Premature is an other and later issue. Struggles of Khalid Bhai are appreciable and valuable comments of other colleagues are also encouraging. Rehan and Raihan have much difference like Islamabad and Peshawar, hence this discussion has no confusion, comments must be to the point and the benefit of community. senate - Rehan and #39-S.
    Sabir Chauhan

  6. DEAR BROTHERS, status of endorsement of the Up-gradation Notification dated 23.12.2011 by other remaining Provinces ! (BALOCHISTAN)???

  7. Aslam Saifi bhai, demand of steno from 16 to 17 and 14 to 16 is for newly upgraded scales no for already in B-16 and B-14. So, the case of stenos already in B-16 will be closed like this, hence, existing stenos case may be finalized first and demand must be considered secondly.Struggles of Khalid bhai are enough benefited for newly upgraded stenos.Vision and time scale will not be sufficient at this stage for existing stenos in senior scales.

    Sabir Chauhan, Lahore

  8. Assalam o alaekum,
    Sabir Chuhan Sahib, Thanks for your comments. Actually Jo case Selection Grade stenos / deprived stenos ka hy (i.e. from 14 to 16 and 16 to 17), Es ko win krny k liye hamary pas (two) 2 points haen.
    (1) 3rd category of Selection Grade Stenos ko bhi up grade kiya jae from 14 to 16 and 16 to 17, Jis tarha dosry tamam stenos community ko up grade kia gya hy.
    (2) According to the policy of up gradation, notified instantly by the government, the stenos in BPS-14 and BPS-16 will be promoted to B-16 and B-17 respectively having three years service in the cadre/ scale of B-14. Lehaza Selection Grade Stenos tw B-14 maen three year service complete kar chukay haen. Esliye inko up gradation policy k mutabiq B-14 sy B-16 maen promote kia jae. (1)Yani ya to Selection Grade deprived stenos B-14, B-16 ko up grade kia jae Jesy dosray tamam cadres ko up grade kia giya hy, Esliye yeh discrimination khatam ki jae. (2) Ya Selection Grade Stenos B-14, B-16 ko B-16/17 maen Policy k mutabiq promote kiya jae. Ham in 2 points pr apna case jeet sakty haen aur yeh points hamain courts mn case jeetny k lye kafi haen. Ap please en 2 points pr ghaur kr k comments daen, ta k hm sab aik nuqtay pr pahunch kr aenda k lye mutaffiqah laeha amal tae kr k apna haq lay sakain. Hamain Finance Division sy bheek mangnay ki zrurat nhi.

    Muhammad Aslam Saifi,

  9. My dear Aslam bhai and fellows
    Aslam bhai ne jo proposals di hain, me unhe sahi tarha se samajh nai pa rha hoo. aik jaga wo propsoed karte hain k:---

    ""(1)Yani ya to Selection Grade deprived stenos B-14, B-16 ko up grade kia jae Jesy dosray tamam cadres ko up grade kia giya hy, Esliye yeh discrimination khatam ki jae.""

    jo post aik bar upgrade hogai he or os me deprived stenos ko koi faida nahi huwa to phir govt.kis tarha or q sirf deprived stenos k lye wo post dobara upgrade kre gi? or bilfarz kr b de to jo pehle hi is se faida utha chuke hain, wo bi hmare sath (yani deprived stenos k sath) phir upgrade ho sakte hain or hamara masla wohi ka wohi reh ga.

    meri proposal ye he k vision scale ya premature increment k bijaye sirf is bat pe zor dia jae k wo tmam stenotypist or stenographers jo grade 12/14 aur 15/16 me 3 yrs ya 5 yrs complete kr chuke hain ya jab bi wo complete kar le gai to wo good ACRs per, S/typist next scale-16 aur S/grapher next scale 17 me PLACEMENT k zarye chale jai gay.
    grade 16 and 17 me kam az kam 3 yrs service krne k bad yahi stenos phir next scale via PLACEMENT grade-17 and grade-18 k lye consider kie jain
    time scale k bijae PLACEMENT pe zor dena chahye q.k. time scale sirf aik dafa k lye milta he jab k PLACEMENT har aik khas period yani 3 sal, 5 sal k bad ACRs ki bunyad pe milta he.

    Senate Sectt. / N.Assembly me is ki misal mojod he jahan drivers grade 9 me or LDCs grade 11 me kam kr rehe hain sirf PLACEMENT ki waja se. LDSc abi tak LDCs hi hain promotion na hone ki waja se lakin hain grade-11 me.

    Rehan Islam
    PA Senate Sectt.

  10. Asslam o Alaekum to all colleagues.
    Janab Rehan Sahib. With reference to your comments dated, 11-10-2012, it is clarified that 33% of Steno Typists B-12 and Stenographers B-15 were granted Selection Grade B-12 to B-14 and B-15 to B-16 in 1983. Thus the government created a 3rd category of Selection Grade Steno-typists and Stenographers in 1983. Now the matter is that the Establishment Division as well as Finance Division has up graded the posts with incumbents of steno-typists B-12 and Stenographers-B-15 but the 3rd category created in 1983, of Selection Grade Steno-typists already in B-14 and Stenographers already in B-16, has been ignored and did not up grade. Resultantly the Selection Grade Steno typists-14 and Stenographers B-16 were deprived of their right of up gradation like wise other existing steno typists B-12 and B-15. Therefore this is a solid point for up gradation of the deprived stenos.
    2. The second point is that the deprived and ignored Selection Grade Steno typists-B-14 and Stenographers B-16 have rendered more than 3 years service in their existing scales B-14 and B-16. Therefore, according to the new service structure and the up gradation policy, the Selection Grade/ deprived Steno-typists B-14 and Stenographers B-16 are liable automatically to be promoted to the post of Asstt, Private Secretary B-16 and Private Secretary B-17. Yani (1) ya tw deprived stenos ko up grade kia jae B-14 to B-16 aur B-16 to B-17 jesy dosry stenos ko up grade kia gya hy B-12 to B-14 and B-15 to B-16. (2) Ya phir new service structure k mutabiq jin stenos ki B-14 aur B-16 scale maen 3 sal service ho chuki hy unko B-14 to B-16( Asstt, Private Secretary) aur B-16 to B-17(Private Secretary) promote kia jae. Q k deprived stenos ki to pehly hi more than three years service ho chuki hy. Eslye hamain promotion di jae B-14 to B-16 and B-16 to B-17. Mera khiyal hy mn ny bht koshish ki hy k apko detaile samjha dun. Phir b agr koi abham reh gya ho to please who b clear kr lejiye ga.
    Muhammad Aslam Saifi.

  11. Dear Khalid Bhai & all Others

    Hope everybody would be fine. It is very strange policy/movement by the departments involved that everybody who goes to FST is being given orders that pre-mature is being given to them but in my opinion it should be allowed to all the cadres who have been upgraded whether they are Stenos, auditors, Accounts Officers etc but pre-mature increment on upgradation is not being given to anybody. The policy should be based on just grounds and once for all it should be clear cut decided/conveyed that premature increment will be given to all the cadres who have been upgraded, there should not be need to go one by one individually to FST and spent a lot and then get one increment which is everybody's right. I request my brother Mr. Khalid to kindly use his kind linkages in coordination with PMAID brothers and get this bottleneck settled so that premature increment may be granted to all concerned irrespective of any cadre discrimination.

    Needs your kind help, please.

    Wah Cantt

  12. Dear brothers and Mr. Khalid Riaz,


    Hope everybody would be fine and in high spirits. Availing the benefit of this beautiful site and an opportunity to interact with all my PA/PS brothers, I wish to say 'Happy Eid Mubarak' to all of you. May Allah keep us, healthy, fit, united and blessed. Ameen.

    The remaining issue will be discussed after Eid.

    My regards.

    Wah Cantt


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