Thursday, October 23, 2014



                                The Accountant General
                                Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Subject:                  TIME SCALE (BPS-17) TO THE ASSISTANT PRIVATE 

                                With due respect it is stated that my application for grant of Time Scale BPS-17 may kindly be forwarded to Controller General of Accounts Islamabad for onward transmission to the quarter concerned i.e  Finance  & Establishment Divisions for further  necessary action at their end.


                                                                           Yours obediently,
Dated: 19.09.2014                                            (   Khalid Riaz  )
                                                                    APS to Accountant General
                                                                   Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Peshawar            

                          The Controller General of Accounts
                          G-5/2 Islamabad.

Respected Sir,
                      I am working in this office as Assistant Private Secretary Erstwhile  Stenographer since 2009. Assistant Private Secretaries were upgraded on 23.12.2011 and private secretaries were granted one time promotion and they were also entitled for further promotion  giving the benefit of length of service formula vide [ Authority No. Estt.Division O.M No.I/9/80/R.2 dated 02.06.1983].But the benefit of length of service  was not extended to the Assistant Private Secretaries.  The detail of which is as under:-

Asst: Private Secretary  Eligibility & Length of Service           Promotion

APS(BPS-16)                                                           -                                      -

PS (B-17)                          5 Years                                                             PS (B-18)

PS(B-18)                          12 Years in BS-17                                            SPS(BS-19)    

APS working with BPS-20 Officers and Head of Departments have no way of promotion. Mostly APSs are working in BPS-16 have no chance of promotion because BPS-17 are entitled to BPS-21 and above Officers. If a person recruits in BPS-16, will be retired in the same scale.

 In the  Provincial Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Private Secretary BPS-17  are entitled for BS-20 Officer but in the  Federal Government BS-20 Officers are not entitled for Private Secretary B-17.

A representation was forwarded to the Secretary Establishment Division and Secretary Finance Division through Welfare Association of APS and PS for Time Scale B-17 to all Assistant Private Secretaries with a length of 3 years service. In response the Establishment Division issued NOC to all Civil Servants for time scale. The Establishment Division is of the view  that Finance Division may constitute a committee  to formulate a Uniform time Scale promotion policy applicable on all civil servants under Federal Govt (Copy enclosed),  but the matter is still pending in the Finance Division and Establishment Division.

Recently, the Government of Pakistan Finance Division Vide letter No. F.No.1(3)R-I/2010/2014 dated 10/09/2014 has granted BPS-17  one time to all Superintendents working in BPS-16 of Ministries/Divisions/Attached Departments/Subordinate Offices  irrespective of their length of service.  And in future three(3) years satisfactory service is prescribed for grant of BPS-17 to them.

 Keeping in view of the above criteria it is humbly requested that Assistant Private Secretaries BPS-16 may also kindly be granted BPS-17 on the length of  3 years service for their career advancement.


                                                                                                    Yours obediently

                                                                                                    (   Khalid Riaz   )
                                                                                                   APS to AG Khyber Pakhtunkhwa


  1. khlaid bahi you are the proud of our cadre. Can you tell us whether cadre of stenotypist will also be included for efforts for time scale. moreover nomenclature of stenotypist is also need to be replaced as replaced in the case that of stenographer.

  2. Khalid bhai. I am stenographer since 17.5.1992. I have never been promoted through out my length of service. Neither there is a post of assistant private secretary. nor any rule for my further promotion. my length of service is above than 26 years. kindly advice me what should i do for promotion. time scale promotion. Kindly help me.

  3. Khalid sahib. I am working since 1992 as stenographer. 27 years are going to be completed to my service but even a single time promotion / time scale has been given to me. Kindly help me out in this respect and trace a way for my promotion. I am balochistan govt employee. please do favor me in this regard.


Khalid Riaz SVP PS Welfare Association

Khalid Riaz SVP PS Welfare Association