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Ref No.(5)FGSECC/2013                                                                                                                             Dated: 25.03.2013

The Secretary,
Government of Pakistan
Establishment Division,


Respected Sir,

                   With profound regards, I being the S.V.President, Welfare Association for A.P.S, P.S and Sr.P.S of All Pakistan Secretariat Employees Coordination Council and on their behalf have the honour to Appeal/request the following genuine demands for favorable consideration please.

Induction of APS & Superintendents as Section Officer (O.M.G) or Equivalent Post

                   In Provincial governments quota are reserved for Stenographers for Induction in the P.M.S Cadre. But in the Federal Government there Is no quota for Induction of the APS in the O.M.G Cadre. The 10% quota which is reserved for the Stenographers as Superintendent is not feasible because they are in the same scale.

A reference is invited to the Establishment Division O.M No.61/3/50-ME dated the 30th August, 1951 which, inter-alia, lays down that a maximum of 10% of vacancies which are filled on a permanent or a quasi permanent basis in the grade of Superintendent should be reserved in each Ministry/Division/Attached Department for Stenographers. These reservation orders did not, however, apply to purely temporary vacancies. It has now been decided, in consultation with the Federal Public Service c omission that promotion of Stenographers against temporary vacancies of Superintendent in the Secretariat and its Attached Departments may also be made. In order to overcome the difficulties and complication that  might arise in making adjustment against 10% agreed quota of temporary posts of Superintendents, the Ministries/Divisions/Departments should maintain a roster of vacancies for this purpose. “ [Authority O.M No.F.18(18)/70-FII dated 23rd June, 1973].

                   Some Departments like FBR, Staff Welfare Organization (Establishment Division), DG Audit K.P and other Departments are enjoying the said benefit.

                   A.P.S (Stenographers) working with BPS-20 Officers and Head of Departments have no way of promotion. Mostly APS are working in BPS-16 have no chance of promotion because BPS-17 Private Secretaries are entitled to BPS-21 and above officers.

                   The post of APS (Erstwhile Stenographer) has been upgraded to BPS-16 vide Finance Division  O.M No.F.19(55)Legal-II/2010-1055 dated 23.12.2011 and Superintendent is also working in BPS-16, how they will get promotion benefit to next higher scale. It is requested that 10% quota may  kindly be fixed  for APS and 10% for Superintendents promotion  to the next higher scale i.e Section Officer, BS-17 (O.M.G) or equivalent post. And Entitlement of Private Secretary B-17 may kindly be allowed to BPS-20 Officers (Heads of Attached Departments) to enable them to enjoy promotion benefit.

Re-designation of the post of Steno-typist as Junior Private Secretary.

                   The post of Stenographer has been re-designated as “Assistant Private Secretary” B-16 vide Finance Division O.M F.No.1(110)R-I/2012-124/13 dated 28th February 2013 while the post of Steno-typist has not been  considered for re-designation as “Junior Private Secretary” B-14. The duties of APS and Steno-typists are the same as per Secretariat Instructions.

                   It is requested that the post of Steno-typist B-14 may kindly be re-designated as Junior Private Secretary B-14 and promotion quota may kindly be enhanced to honor the demand of the Steno-typists.
                   Thanking you in anticipation.

                                                           Yours obediently,

                                                           Welfare Association
                                                           For APS,PS and SPS


  1. Aslamo Alaikum Wa Rehmat Ullah!

    By the Grace of Almighty Allah, Sindh Government, Finance Department, Karachi has issued the Notification for upgrading the posts of Private Secretaries/Stenographers w.e.f. 23.12.2011 vide Notification No.FD(SR-IV)2-65/2012 dated 21.03.2013.

    Governor Balochistan has already approved the summary of upgradation of posts of Private Secretaries/Stenographers and Notification is yet to be issued by Finance Department, Quetta and will be issued shortly. Now, in all over Pakistan, Private Secretaries/Stenographers have been upgraded except in Azad Jammu & Kashmir.

    This is only with the effort of Mr. Khalid Riaz who is the Hero of Stenographers in all over of Pakistan. Now, the goal of Mr. Khalid Riaz has been completed upto the extent of upgradation. Well done Mr. Khalid Riaz.

    Muhammad Shafique Mughal
    Cell # 0300-4649502

  2. Dear Khalid Riaz AOA All APSs of FBR are not entitled of further promotion as PS. There are two wings in FBR ie. Inland Revenue & Customs and the Inland Revenue includes Income Tax, Sales Tax & Federal Excise Duty. Only a meager percentage of APSs working in Customs wing are entitled of promotion as Superintendent BS-16. No such benefit is allowed to the APSs posted in Inland Revenue. In one organization i.e. (FBR), two different laws/rules are prevailing which is injustice. The APSs of Inland Revenue have been struggling for the last 20 years but all in vain. The next promotion of APS BS-16 is as Private Secretary BS-17 and the Private Secretary is posted with the Officer in BS-21. The posts of BS-21 are mostly allocated in FBR Headquarter, Islamabad and in field offices these posts are allocated to the offices located in a few big cities of Pakistan. Hence a big number of APSs are not promoted and retired in the same cadre (BS-16) even after rendering 20 to 25 years service.

    The reservation of quota for promotion of APSs is a great effort and the APSs shall be entitled for further promotion in-sha-allah.

  3. By the Grace of Almighty Allah, Balochistan Government, Finance Department, Quetta has issued the Notification for upgrading the posts of Private Secretaries/Stenographers w.e.f. 23.12.2011 vide Notification No.FD(R-1)III-40-41/2013/1235-1355 dated 25.03.2013.

    Now, in all over Pakistan, upgradation of Stenographers/Private Secretaries have been made except AJK. I once again reiterated that this is only with the effort of Mr. Khalid Riaz who is the Hero of Stenographers in all over of Pakistan. Now, the goal of Mr. Khalid Riaz has been completed upto the extent of upgradation. Well done Mr. Khalid Riaz.

    Muhammad Shafique Mughal
    Cell # 0300-4649502

  4. Khalid bahi salam & all of this forum, Khalid sb. on 25th March, 2013, Ministry of CAAD approved the time scale notification 1-15 employees. but our case for time scale is still pending. It is our fault, we did not persue the case and we do not together to protest against the delaying practice in Ministry of Finance for approval of time scale. Those department who involved protest for collecting the right, their demands accepted by the government. But, we are all lazy and did not have any protest for getting the rights of time scale of BPS-17. We request all of this forum, we be gathered and protest against the Ministry of Finance for delaying practice for time scale.
    Munir Qureshi

  5. dear colleagues
    i fully agree with views of munir qurshi that demands of non-teaching staff of federal directorate of education has been accepted with grant of time scale from bps 1-15 (not only for one specific cadre but all cadres in bps-1-15).
    what i observed in last two months is that govt. is accepting demands of those who raised voices and did protest continuously., examples of federal secretariat employees is there where 20% increase awarded after just two days protest and now FDE granted all benefits just 16 days protest.
    this situation is very terrible for those (like us) who believes in peace


    Rehan Islam, APS
    Senate Sectt

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  7. Dear Khalid Riaz bhai

    I want comments from you on following issue:-

    Our Secretary has refused to accept the stenographers of senate as APS and he is still considering them as Stenographer. Moreover, our case/file was put up twice but each time he refused to issue internal order of APS on one pretend to another.

    Resulting, we are unable to obtain office card, official stamp, medical card etc. in the name of APS. We are still being treated as stenographer.

    With very great sorrow, I feel no hesitation to say that my colleagues means APS of Senate Sectt are also not helping me (except 1 or 2) and they have no courage to get their right.
    They are still writing them as Stenographer instead of APS.

    Plz tell me in this situation what should we do?

    Rehan Islam, APS
    Senate Secretariat Islamabad

  8. AA. I agree with the comments of Mr. Shafique Moghal. Really Mr. Khalid Riaz is our hero. Now we spread the net of the organization in all over the Pakistan. The present demand of Mr. Khalid Riaz is based on facts and our heartiest voice. In Punjab at district level there is no promotion of Stenographers (BS-16) as District Officers are working in BS-19 to whom stenos attached. The formula of time scale or uplift package like teachers may be introduced and common struggle from all the provincial presidents with Central Vice President (Mr. Khalid Riaz) be made to achieve the goals.

    (Rana Abdul Wahid)
    PA Sargodha

  9. Mr. Khalid Riaz Sahib please let me know the status of case titled Nasir Hussnain vs Government of Pakistan etc. regarding deprived stenographers of selection grade.

    Muhammad Shafique Mughal

  10. congratulations to all stenographers of Balochistan. I am working as stenographer BPS-15 in a attached department of Balochistan. Hamari upgradation ka Notification bhi Allah pak ki meharbani se 25.03.2013 ko ho giya hai. Balochistan ke tamam stenographers ko meri taraf se bahut bahut mubarak ho.

    lekin is upgradation se aik masla bhi paida ho giya hai. masla ye hai ke stenographer BPS-15 ko Assistant private secretary BPS-16 ka nam de kar upgrade kiya giya hai.Balochistan Secretariate me to PS BPS-17 ki posts hain lekin Balochistan ke attached departments me PS BPS-17 ki posts nahi hain. ab sawal yeh paida hota hai ke Assistant Private Secretary BPS-16 (old stenographer BPS-15) ke next promotion kiya hogi kyunkeh PS BPS-17 ki koi posts nahin hain (attached department mein for example local government department etc). All the stenographers please discuss this issue.

    Assistant private secretary

  11. Mr. Khalid Riaz Sahib please let me know the status of case titled Nasir Hussnain vs Government of Pakistan etc. regarding deprived stenographers of selection grade.

    Muhammad Shafique Mughal

  12. Dear Mr. Khalid

    It is to inform you that the Gilgit-Baltistan Government has not yet been the up-grated the posts of Stenographers and Stenotypists as directed by the Finace Division, Islamabad vide Finance Division O.M No.F.19(55)Legal-II/2010-1055 dated 23.12.2011, due to which the Stenographers and Stenotypist and Private Secretaries BS-17 are suffering badly and financially.

    therefore, you are requested to approach the Finance Division or requested to finance division to direct the Gilgit-Baltistan Government to issue notification for up-gradation of the posts as soon as possible. thanks and regards.
    Tahir Hussain
    Stenographer, Gilgit-Baltistan Secretariat

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  14. aoa Khalid sahib.

    i am serving as APS in PM Office Internal and intends to go towards Superintendent side in equal grade with the 10% quoota ... can u please guide me or help me in this regards

    Zia Alvi 03245858007 03345310499

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  16. Khalid Sb. I am working as steno grapher inBPS-14. for the last 26 years in Govt. of Balochistan. Through out my service i have never been promoted. I was appointed in 1992 as stenotypist B-012 in Federal Govt and under 18th amendment I was transferred to Govt of balochistan since than I gave not availed chance of promotion. Kindly advice me and help me in this respect.


Khalid Riaz SVP PS Welfare Association

Khalid Riaz SVP PS Welfare Association