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F.No.1(I)/R-1/2012 Islamabad, the 14th February, 2012



The undersigned is directed to refer to the subject cited above and to say that different Ministries/Divisions/Departments etc have sought clarification on the following points:-

i) The existing Stenographers/Stenotypists already working in BS-16 and BS-14 from 1983 (rendering 30 years service in BS-16 and BS-14) have been deprived to consider/give any promotion benefit, whereas they have only one to two years service to attain the age of superannuation, how they would get promotion benefit of Private Secretary (BS-17/BS-18)? The existing Stenographers/Stenotypist working in BS-16/14 may be upgraded in BS-17/15 one time basis.

ii) In provincial Government as well as in most of the Universities Stenotypist posts is of BS-12, Stenographers post is of BPS-15, while most of the Private Secretary's post which carries BPS-16 will be upgraded or otherwise?

iii) Stenographers working in BS-16 may be granted time scale BS-17 on the condition of three years service in BS-16. The newly/upgraded Stenographers (BS-16) may also be granted time scale BS-17 on completion of three years service in BS-16.

iv) Whether Project Staff is also entitled to the benefit of upgradation.

v) Due to the Devolution some of Federal Departments are devolved and their staff adjusted in Provincial Government on deputation basis they are also entitle for upgradation?

vi) On 23/12/2011 BS-18 awarded to Private Secretary on one time basis. Taking the benefit of the length of service O.M if they complete 12 years service they are entitled for BS-19 as Senior Private Secretary?

vii) Under whose jurisdication the selection of candidates against the post of Stenographer (BS-16), for initial appointment will fall; whether FPSC or DSC as generally the posts in BPS-16 (Gazetted ) and above fall under the purview of FPSC.

viii) Whether the present incumbents are to be upgraded irrespective of the conditions of qualification mentioned for the upgraded posts?

2. The Establishment Division is requested to give their advice on the above mentioned points/issues.

(Muhammad Azam Awan)
Section Officer(R-I)

Establishment Division,
Joint Secretary (Regulation),
Cabinet Block
Government of Pakistan



    Respectfully Sheweth,

    Sir, I am working as Senior Scale Stenographer (on current charge) (BS-15) in WASA (LDA), Lahore. I would like to draw your kind attention towards that Federal Service Tribunal vide its judgments dated 06.02.2010 and 15.02.2011 has upgraded the posts of Stenographers/Private Secretaries in Pakistan and Supreme Court of Pakistan vide his order dated 11.10.2011 has also directed the Government of Pakistan to implement the judgments of Tribunal within one month, order of the Supreme Court of Pakistan dated 11.10.2011 is reproduced below:-


    11.10.2011. Mian Shakirullah Jan, J through these petitions, the petitioners have challenged the order of the Federal Service Tribunal whereby the petitioners were directed to implement the judgment of the Tribunal dated 06.02.2010 and 15.02.2011.
    2. The respondents concise statement is placed on file and office memorandum Government of Pakistan Cabinet Secretariat Establishment Division, whereby according to the respondents their grievances to the extent of upgradation of the posts in accordance with the judgment of the Service Tribunal has been considered, however, the final order by the competent authority is still to be passed which document has been annexed with the concise statement and is not disputed one. However, the petitioners plea is that since the office memorandum has been issued only by the Establishment Division whereas, the opinions of Controller General of Pakistan and Finance Division are still awaited. It is for the petitioners to process the matter immediately and to get their opinions and then final order by the competent authority.
    3. In view of the above, these petitions are disposed of with the direction that the matter be finalized within a period of one month from the date of this order. All CMAs are also disposed of accordingly.

    Mian Shakirullah Jan, J
    Jawwad S. Khawaja, J
    Khilji Arif Hussain J"

    In compliance of Supreme Court of Pakistan order dated 11.10.2011, Prime Minister of Pakistan has been pleased to upgrade the posts of Stenographers in Pakistan through Finance Division’s Notification No.F.No.19(55)Legal-II/2010-1055 dated 23.12.2011 and copies of this Notification has been endorsed to all Chief Secretaries/Finance Secretaries of Government of the Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhawan and Azad Estate of Jammu & Kashmir for information and implementation. Copy of this Notification is also endorsed to Supreme Court of Pakistan, Islamabad at Sr.No.8.

    Sir, more than one and half month has been elapsed for issuance of Notification dated 23.12.2011 of Finance Division but Punjab Government as well as other Provincial Governments have not implemented the said Notification and Chief Secretary/Finance Secretary of Government of the Punjab are playing delaying tactics.

    Sir, I humbly request your good honour that suo-moto action be taken against all Provincial Governments i.e. Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhawan and Azad Estate of Jammu & Kashmir for non implementation of Finance Division Notification dated 23.12.2011 as well as the order of Supreme Court of Pakistan dated 11.10.2011 and Provincial/ AJK Governments be directed to upgrade the posts of Stenographers/Private Secretaries w.e.f. 23.12.2011.

    Thanking you in anticipation.

    Yours obediently

    Senior Scale Stenographer (Current Charge)
    Legal Section, Administration Directorate,
    WASA (LDA), Shah Jamal, Lahore
    Cell NO.0300-4649502

  2. Thanks Mughal Sahib, you have taken bold step for community. I hope the Supreme Court will consider it genuine despirity and take appropriate action. This is a appreciable try may ALLAH help us to achieve our right.
    The movement in upgradation case is also good sign, because the I read above that Dialy Ajj has given any cliping regarding implementatin on upgradation of Stenoglraphers in province of Khybe pakhtunkhaw. Such developments incourage the peoples who are waiting consciously. God is great,merciful and helpful to all.
    Sabir Chauhan

  3. Dear Brothers

    Very vital and important points raised by Ministries/Divisions to Establishment Division, hope time scale and declaration of Stenographer as gazetted as its induction in future will be done by FSC are beneficial to all involved.

    Let's hope for the best.



  4. Replies
    1. Welcome to Forum for Stenographers. You are first lady appearing in this forum but you should give your detail comments for uplifting the Stenographers especially upgradation of Stenographers of provincial governments.

      Muhammad Shafique Mughal
      WASA (LDA) Lahore
      Cell 0300-4649502

  5. I welcome to Suporna Roy in the forum and hope for the best and valeable suggestions for upgrading amd further strenthening it.
    Khan bhai B-16 has been declared Gazetted after issuance of the recruitment rules.Wait for the best.

    Sabir Chauhan

  6. Thanks Mr. Chauhan,

    This site is well decorated with your presence and comments. Kindly keep it up.


    Wah Cantt

  7. AOA all colleagues, actually the beauty of this forum is with cooperation of all friends and only one man is nothing. Safdar Bhai it is beauty of your eyes which shows and make it decorated. Thanks for encourage and promotion of my emotion. Inshallah I will try my level best to buit this forum upto the end.

    Sabir Chauhan

  8. Aslamo Alaikum Wa Rehmat Ullah all community of Stenographers!

    Well done Mr. Munawar Shah Munawar. It is very good effort for requesting to CM KPK for upgradation of the posts of Stenographers of KPK. I and Mr. Chohan has already requested to all Stenographers in Pakistan please use the print media. I once again request my all friends of Stenographers especially residing in Sindh, Baluchistan, AJK & Gilgit should write letters in "Editor Ki Dak" especially in daily Nawa-e-Waqt requesting their provincial governments for early upgradation of Stenographers.

    I also well come Ms. Suporna Roy who appeared in this forum. I think she is first lady who participated our this forum but I request her please give her point of view regarding upgradation.

    Muhammad Shafique Mughal

  9. Thanks for the Ms.Suporna Roy appeared in this fourm participated in this blogs and couurage to us for furthr steps will be taken for achievement of the last target which is our legitimate right and in the result of alngthy struggle of one brave man hero of this all play Mr.Khalid Riaz and requested her may please be given your point of view regarding the upgradation of stenotypists/stenographers/ps,and oblige.Thnaks.

  10. I have contacted to my friend of print and electronic media. Inshallah we'll see news regarding implementation of upgradation in DAWN newspaper and GEO TV.

  11. Aslamo Alaikum Wa Rehmat Ullah!

    I request to Mr. Yousaf of PBM and other Stenographers should use Urdu Print media especially Daily Nawa-e-Waqt and Jang because both Urdu newspapers are widely published/circulated throughout Pakistan and most of Pakistani peoples are study Urdu newspaper, therefore, we should avoid English newspapers/DAWN etc, so far as concern of electric media i.e. GEO TV, it is quite better because most of peoples see GEO TV.

    I once again request the Stenographers working in DGPR offices show their efforts and use print media for early upgradation of Provincial Stenographers.

    Muhammad Shafique Mughal
    Cell 0300-4649502

  12. Thanks Yousaf and Mughal Bhai, if we succeed to bring our case on print and electronic media, I hope INSHALLAH our demands will be considered by the authorities. No doubt, Urdu reader are over whelming, but the endlish news are also read in high level. In this regard I would like to say if the employees of PID will take interest, that will be helplful for use. Hence, please be active for achieving your genuine rights already allowed by the apex court

    Sabir Chauhan

  13. Corrigendum: In the third line of my above comments, the word endlish be read english. The spelling error is regretted.
    Sabir Chauhan

  14. AOA. Hay colleagues. On resuming the charage of nes Finance Secretary of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. I havea congratulate him on behalf of Stenos community.


    I, on behalf of Private Secretaries, Stenographers and Stenotypists Community working in Pakistan, Federal and Provincials Ministries and Departments Congratulate you on joining as Finance Secretary to the Government of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. I hope your presence in Finance Ministry will be blessing for Pakistan’s prosperity, it’s peoples and particularly, the employees. I wish you a good luck and pray for your long life. May ALLAH give you special encourage for helping the low paid employees.

    Ahmad Ali Sabir
    Senior Scale Stenographer
    Geological Survey of Pakistan,

  15. Dear Steno Colleagues

    I appreciate the struggles of Khalid Bhai for the betterment of Stenos. We should help Khalid Bhai by financially. I suggest that all stenos should deposit minimum Rs.1000/- in Khalid Bhai account to meet their previous expenditure and for future expenditure for Back date upgradation and Pre-mature increment case in Supreme Court of Pakistan.

    Muhammad Farooq

  16. I agreed with the remarks of Mr.Muhammad Farooq ,that is the responsibility of our all colleques to deposit Rs.1000/-in the name of Mr.Khalid Riaz A.C.NO.43287-3-N.B.P.Cantt Branch Bank Code 0386,with out further delay of time to meet their previous and future expenditures.Thanks.

  17. Ref: Para iii (OM of Fin Div) above.

    Newly up-graded stenotypist (BS-12 to 14) will be benefited further in any way. I mean in BS-15 or 16. ? ?

  18. Khalid Bhai

    Hope you will be fine. I once again request you to kindly provide me supporting documents as in our departments Stenographers (B-16) is not being treated as gazetted.

    We need your help, please

    Wah Cantt


Khalid Riaz SVP PS Welfare Association

Khalid Riaz SVP PS Welfare Association